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February Visual Art Exhibition

LAUNCH Saturday 4th February, 3-5pm

“In the Belly of the Mother” - IMBOLG 2023

“Darkness is not the absence of light. Darkness is the womb of Light” - Fred La Motte

For the first time, modern Ireland is celebrating our matron saint Brigid, as a national holiday. And just as the Celtic wheel moves delicately into our Celtic Springtime (Imbolg) too.

We are on the journey of getting to know Brigid a little better ourselves too.

So far, there has been no rushing through Brigid’s energy. Instead, she is asking us to dance slow gentle steps towards a new light waiting in the darkness.

We have said ‘YES’ to HER invitation & now, we explore new ways of being together.  As we dance these steps of collaboration, creativity, nurturing, holding, intuition, pausing and presence, we sense the authenticity and deepening of connection with each other and those we meet along the way. We don’t do this alone.

Brigid has chosen ‘Friar’s Gate Theatre’, Kilmallock, Co Limerick to be the creative cave, where our sacred art can be birthed into the world.

This art will be on display for the whole month of February.  We hope you enjoy.

A launch event is planned for Saturday, 4th Feb, 3pm-5pm

Meet the Artist Dates

Wednesday 8th, 15th & 22nd February 2-3pm

Monday 27th ,February 2-3pm

If you can’t make our date offerings, but will be in the area at another time please contact either of us on Facebook messenger & one of us shall try to meet you there.

Brigid’s blessings,

Yvonne & Eucharia


Yvonne Teskey

Visionary artist and AOA facilitator

Yvonne lives in west Limerick, Ireland looking across the village of Ballingarry to Black hill and the Magical Hill of Truth ‘Knockfierna’.  She spent her early working life as a nurse and midwife. She describes being a midwife meaning ‘ Being with Woman’ as her soul’s purpose.

She loved art at school but didn’t pick up a paint brush since doing her leaving cert in ‘77 until a few years ago, when she was introduced to Flora Aube’s Art of Allowing, Painting the Divine Feminine. Here her love of art and being with woman came together.

Yvonne’s recent creations,  some of which shown in this exhibition, have come through a process  which she calls ‘A Creative Journey into the Wisdom of the Womb’. These creations come from a deep listening to the cycles and wisdom of the Feminine within a woman’s body. 

She is passionate that the feminine qualities of openness, sensitivity, connection, empathy, intuition, and nurturing are what this world needs at this time .Yvonne’s intuitive paintings envision these new possibilities and hopes that they will inspire others .

She is thrilled to come together with Eucharia Counihan also an Art of Allowing facilitator for this showcasing of our sacred art, ‘In the Belly of the Mother’  - Imbolg.

In this exhibition we honour Bridget our Matron saint  who is being celebrated this year for the first time with a national holiday.  Bridget brings us, from the fire of her hearth, the light of hope and new beginnings.

Contact details :

Yvonneteskeyart@ gmail.com    Yvonneteskey.com.       087 6752433

Eucharia Counihan

Intuitive Artist, Visual Storyteller & Soul Friend 

Growing up in the village of Foynes, Eucharia loved being in nature and listening to stories of people; past and present.

From an early age, she was deeply curious of the mysteries that arose in life and loved immersing herself in the beautiful natural world nourished by the River Shannon Estuary.  Today, Eucharia lives in Dublin, and she is just as curious about people, story, and nature.

Painting and ceramic art are recent explorations for Eucharia.  She enjoys creating inspirational feminine mixed media art through personal stories, her natural world and form.

With her intuitive art process, there is no real plan just the unfolding of a story or a prayer. 

Holding a deep respect for the Sacred, Eucharia’s art story pieces have the power to energise our souls and, also touch our hearts. 

Eucharia enjoys many passions yet facilitating others to connect with their inner artist soul, through the power of inspirational art pieces, intuitive art workshops and soul friendship is her heart’s desire.  She has a Msc in Organisational Psychology & for many years, worked in Financial Services.

She is thankful for her art teachers (Flora Aube & Michal Shimoni) and current Spiritual Teachers in (‘An Croi’ Wisdom Institute & the Dublin Buddhist Centre) for together, they have encouraged her to look INWARD with compassion & kindness and OUTWARDS with humility & appreciation.

This February, in these lands of her birth, she is honoured to be showcasing her spiritual art with the wonderfully talented Yvonne Teskey.

Contact Details

SwansOfSoul@gmail.com        www.SwansOfSoul.com              087 2813349