May/June/July 2017                                                        

Saturday 6th May @ 8pm
Cancelled due to unforseen circumstances

George Murphy in concert
On Saturday 6th May @ 8pm, Friars’ Gate welcomes George Murphy in concert.  George performs folk songs from Ireland, England, Scotland and the USA made famous by the Dubliners, Peggy Seeger and Ewan Mc Coll.   George exploded onto the Irish music scene after his memorable appearances on the RTE Television show “You’re a Star”. Just out of secondary school at the age of 17 he very quickly took over the Irish music scene. He signed to Sony Ireland and his debut album ‘Dreamed A Dream’ went to No.1 in the Irish charts. The album eventually went on to gain triple Platinum status. George had made a big impact with insiders on the Irish Music scene, Phil Coulter was quoted as saying that George “Is the most exciting vocal find in Ireland”, The late Ronnie Drew was quoted saying “A voice beyond his years.
Tickets €1

Thursday 11th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th May @ 7pm

  • The County Limerick Youth Theatre present the national premiere of  Agóid by Caitríona Ní Mhurchú
  • Little Lyts present The Elves and the Shoemaker adapted by Betsy Walsh
    Dyna Lyts present Talking with Angels by Neil Duffield

Thursday 11th May @ 7pm

Little Lyts  

Dyna Lyts   

Friday 12th May @ 7pm
Dyna Lyts
County Lyts

Saturday 13th May @ 7pm
Little Lyts
County Lyts

Sunday 14th May @ 7.30pm

KNOCKLONG Community Hall – County Lyts present Agóid.

Tickets €10/€5

Tuesday 16th May @ 7.30pm


Friars’ Gate Education and Outreach Department's Inclusive Theatre for Inclusive Living Drama Group presents the premier of It’s a Wonderful Job a film that gives people an insight into the challenges of obtaining a job within the intellectually disabled community. We follow the journey of Michael in his attempt to secure a financially stable job in order to provide for his sick mother, you will be captivated by the powerful and striking message this fantastic, fun for all film portrays. Running time 40 minutes, followed by a short 'Making Of" documentary.
‘This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund’
All Welcome – Admission Free

Wednesday 17th May @ 8pm

United Kingdom, A                                                                                        

Dir: Amma Asante     2016        111 mins           Cert: 12A

Starring: Rosamund Pike, Tom Felton, Laura Carmichael , David Oyelowo

The hubbub surrounding an African prince’s marriage to an Englishwoman, just as South Africa was enacting its apartheid laws to separate blacks and whites, becomes both a rousing love story and a triumphant call to justice in A United Kingdom. Based on Susan William’s book Colour Bar, it is a remarkable tale not only because it's a true story, but one where a romance influenced the outcome of British and African history.  Presented in association with Access Cinema. 

Tickets €7.

Friday 19th May @ 8pm

Ivan Ilić in concert
Featuring the work of composers such as
Beethoven, Haydn, Reicha and a short
new work by by New York composer Scott Wollschleger
Ivan is a Serbian-American pianist based in France. This year he is embarking on a 2-week tour which will include: concerts, masterclassand a live broadcast on RTE Lyric FM on 24 May. Ivan has been popular for his combination of fine artistry and relaxed stage manner. Ivan has been popular with Irish audiences from the start, for his combination of fine artistry and relaxed stage manner.His spoken introductions make the concerts accessible and engaging for all audiences.

This year Ivan will present a programme including works by Beethoven, Haydn, and a Czech composer who knew both of them: Antoine Reicha. Beethoven and Reicha (RAY-ka) were friends and rivals, but while Beethoven’s piano music flourished, much of Reicha’s was left unpublished in France’s National Library. His next CD, to be published in September 2017 by the British label Chandos, was produced supported by Swiss National Radio and is supported by the Palazzetto Bru Zane in Venice. 

An exquisitely poised and expressive rendering…spellbinding.  BBC Music Magazine (UK)
Tickets €12/€10                      Friends 2 for 1

Tuesday 23rd May @ 12pm – Part of access>CINEMA's May Film Tour happening during the Bealtaine Festival.            


Director: Sidney Lumet / USA / 1957 / 92 minutes / Certificate: G

Cast: Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, E.G. Marshall, Jack Warden, Jack Klugman

On a hot summer's day, a jury of 12 men is sent to begin deliberations in the first-degree murder trial of an 18-year-old Latino accused of killing his father. A guilty verdict will mean an automatic death sentence for the young man, and on the surface it appears to be an open-and-shut case.

When juror no. 8 (Henry Fonda) casts the only not-guilty vote in the first jury ballot, tensions begin to rise. He must persuade the other 11 jury members to take a fresh look at the evidence and convince them of their duty to reach a verdict that is beyond reasonable doubt.

"... too few films take on the art of arguing as a subject; we could certainly use more of them, but until then, Lumet's window into strained civic duty will continue to serve mightily." - Time Out

Admission Free

Thursday 25th May @ 8pm

Torch Players, Limerick present Bookworms by Bernard Farrell
Bookworms is a hilarious comedy centred around an all-female book club and their decision to allow men join them for the first time, with husbands invited in.  Their daily lives spill over into the book discussions. where suspicions are roused and tempers are frayed. Larry, an out-of-work builder, and Robert, a banker, are struggling in different ways. Ann is showing off her home and trying to be the perfect hostess, while Jennifer isn’t used to her position as top-dog being challenged. And poor Dorothy  has had a tough time of it recently, and wants to share her literary opinions with the group. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that books are the last things on anybody’s mind during this explosive evening.
Tickets €15/€12

Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd June @ 8pm

CallBack theatre present the world premiere of JANEY DILLIS (
Queen of the wild inter...ior) by John Sheehy.  Performed by Cora Fenton. 

Her name is Janey Dillis.  This is the house of Janey Dillis.  Janey hasn't left her house in 25 years. No one has set foot inside her house in 20 years.  Janey deals with her predicament through her wild imagination and is prone to fantastical flights of fantasy that reveal much of her inner self and the wider world that has caused her to become trapped.

Running time 1 hour.  Supported by Limerick Arts Office and Friars' Gate Theatre​

Tickets €12/€10
Saturday 27th May @ 8pm

Gúna Nua presents The Morning After The Life Before by Ann Blake.  Performed by Ann Blake and Lucia Smyth

On a groggy Sunday morning, May 24th 2015, as 62% of Ireland is #hungoverforequality, Ann gets a text from her brother which brings the reality of a new Ireland into sharp focus. "How's the morning after the life before?"  A personal tale and experience of Ireland before and after the referendum on Marriage Equality on May 22nd 2015, The Morning After The Life Before explores and attempts to answer the question in the text message.
Tickets €12/€10          Running time 60 minutes.    

Wednesday 7th June @ 8pm
Footsteps Youth Theatre present The Leaving by Tom Swift

The Leaving revolves around a group of friends searching for answers as they relive the night of their end-of-school debs party, while navigating a drink fuelled mess of mistakes, misunderstandings and murder. Along the way the friends are forced to face the truth and consequences of a night that goes tragically wrong.

Footsteps Youth Theatre is a joint initiative between Foróige and Friars Gate and is proudly a member of Youth Theatre Ireland.
Tickets €12/€10

Friday 9th June @ 8pm  (Rescheduled Date)

Theatre Makers present, by kind permission of the Kelly family The Tayman, the Tomcat and Others

The stories of Eamon Kelly, the Seanachaí as told by Jack Healy.

Adaptation by Ger Fitzgibbon and Jack Healy.  Directed by Ger Fitzgibbon.


Come and hear Jack Healy bring to life a compendium of Eamon Kelly’s most comic and colourful characters.  Carpentry, drink, hat-wearing, emigration and devilment weave their way through these marvellous stories. We hear about runaway fillies, Ned Connors, who was “fierce for the drink”, Bridgie and her curious request to the carpenter, the three-in-a-bed escapade of the Tayman, and Mick the Fiddler with his adventures in New York.

The stories of Eamon Kelly (the Seanachaí) entertained audiences all over Ireland for many years and Jack Healy most recently delighted Cork audiences with his version of Joxer Daly in Juno and the Paycock (Everyman, 2016). The two combine to bring you 'The Tayman, the Tomcat and Others'.

Jack has worked in theatre for over thirty years mainly as an actor and playwright. He has written scripts for The Everyman Palace, Macra Na Feirme and RTÉ Radio.
Tickets €12/€10            Running Time – 65 Minutes

Wednesday 14th June @ 8pm


Dir: Barry Jenkins    USA            2016            110 mins                     Cert: 15A

Barry Jenkins' vital portrait of a South Florida youth revisits the character at three stages in his life, offering rich insights into the contemporary African-American experience.  Presented in association with Access Cinema.

Academy Awards, USA, 2017 - Best Picture, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Adapted Screenplay.  Golden Globes, 2017 – Best Picture

Tickets €7

Friday 16th June @ 8pm

Honest Arts present Punt
Punt  is a story of gambling culture, following one man on the slippery slope to rock bottom after a lifetime of small bets, race meetings, online gauntlets, high stakes card games and the unspoken challenges that go with a life of ‘investing’ in chance.  Performed by Pius McGrath.

Punt follows one man on his journey into addiction, following him on the slippery slope to rock bottom after a lifetime of small bets, race meetings, online gauntlets, high stakes card games and all the unspoken underbelly that goes with a life of ‘investing’ in chance.  Running Time: 75mins

Supported by:
Limerick City & County Council,
Limerick Arts Office
Fishamble - New Play Clinic

Tickets €12/€10                   Friends 2 for 1

Friday 23rd June @ 8pm

Veronica McSwiney in Concert
Join internationally acclaimed pianist Veronica McSwiney as she takes to the stage to present a programme of  wonderful music featuring composers such as Mozart, Debussy, beloved Irish composer John Field plus many more.  This beautiful programme of much loved and some less familiar pieces spanning several centuries has something for everyone.  Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the artistry and talent of this acclaimed performer.

Tickets €15/€12

Sunday 2nd July @ 2.30pm
CallBack Theatre return with the charming Dorothy Dolittle’s Magical Adventure
Dorothy DoLittle is a lovely girl but she is always tired and grumpy. But all that is about to change for Dorothy!  Dorothy lives beside an old tree but what she doesn’t know is that it is a magic fruit tree…the enchanted gateway to a mysterious land called the Land of the DoLots.  With the help of magic DoLot dust Dorothy goes on a magical adventure to the land of the DoLots. There, Dorothy meets Ronnie Run-A-Lot and Clarence Carrot her guardian angels and Miss Aubergine, Queen over all the land who teaches her the all about being fit and healthy. She learns the secrets of the food and exercise pyramids. But the magic dust is stolen!! Will Dorothy get fit and healthy enough to get it back and be able to return home

Suitable for ages 4 – 9

Tickets €7

Wednesday 12th July @ 8pm

Film - La La Land     2016       128mins    Cert:PG
Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) are drawn together by their common desire to do what they love. But as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.  Presented in association with Access Cinema.

Tickets €7

Saturday 15th July @ 8pm

Bewley’s Café Theatre presents Buridan’s Ass, a comedy by S. R. Plant.  Starring Michael James Ford and Ruairi Heading.  Directed by Iseult Golden

The  outrageous and acclaimed cult comedy Burdan’s Ass, which enjoyed a sell-out run in Bewley’s Café Theatre last year, is going on the road this summer.  Mahone, the last in a line of taxidermists of Russian descent, is struggling to save his dying business. The trade in stuffed animals has hit rock bottom and his only commission, the corpse of a much-loved pet badger, has gone disastrously wrong. Moreover he is beset by a series of emotional and philosophical crises and is haunted by the demons of his philandering past. But, spurred on by his irrepressible apprentice Ernest Blades, Mahone sets out to overcome the paralysing effects of Buridan’s Ass Syndrome and to find redemption through physical passion.

..existential comedy at its best. Beckett would be proud…SUNDAY BUSINESS POST

..a laugh a minute...THE SCOTSMAN

…wildly and darkly comic... SUN INDEPENDENT

…the stuff of comic genius….

Michael James Ford gives a cracker of a performance as the zealously nutty Mahone and Ruairí

Heading is a splendid foil, a kind of bemused Laurel to Ford’s Hardy… MAIL ON SUNDAY

‘a fun-filled, pun-filled introduction to the bizarre world of taxidermy... Ruairí Heading is

delightfully gormless as Mahone’s sidekick’ SUNDAY BUSINESS POST

….all a bit madcap but no less enjoyable for that. NO MORE WORKHORSE

Tickets €12/10                                    Friends 2 for 1

Saturday 12th August @ 8pm
Festival & Event Committee Kilmallock (FECK) present a screening of Dirty Dancing.  Presented in association with Access Cinema.  
Tickets €10

Friday 18th August @ 8pm

CallBack theatre presents Fred & Alice, written and directed by John Sheehy.  Starring Cora Fenton and Ciaran Birmingham.
A blistering head wreck played at a hilarious pace!
After more than 150 performances, the five star award winning Fred & Alice is back! It’s not easy to get by in this crazy old world is it? But Fred and Alice have discovered that all you really need are 2 tennis rackets, disproportionate reactions to minor accidents, an immature coping strategy and each other.  Fred and Alice first met in the home. It wasn’t really a home but Fred always called it a home because that was where he lived, and if you are not living at home then where are you? It was love at first sight for Alice. Fred didn’t talk to her again for years but then eventually Fred got used to her and it was love at first sight for him too.  From their days in care, to independent living, Fred and Alice negotiate the perils and pitfalls of life and love.  Come see this joyous celebration of individuality.  Running Time – 1hr.
“Whirling Comedy” - The Irish Times
Tickets €14/€12         

MEDAL WINNER 2016 PPI National Radio Award

*****  The Herald Scotland
****  The Irish Times
****  Irish Examiner
*****  Trip advisor

“Splendid Production and Powerful Performances” – Joe Duffy Presenter RTE

Fred and Alice make wonderful company for each other and for us” – Irish Theatre Magazine

Whirling Comedy” – The Irish Times

Inspired” – Irish Examiner

Please some-one, tour this round Scotland” – The Herald Scotland

“A special piece of work” – Insert Title

Wednesday 18th October @ 11am & Monday 13th November  @ 11am    

Ger Carey Live

Ger Carey is back with his hilarious stand-up comedy show for transition year students. By secretly observing his subjects in their natural habitat, such as leaning on lampposts, in chippers, outside chippers, in shopping centres and sitting on any kind of steps, Ger has uncovered the weird and frightening world of the teenager! The aim of the show is to get teenagers to laugh at themselves and appreciate the differences of others.
Tickets €10

Book Club – Wednesday 27th September @ 7pm - Tatty by Christine Dwyer Hickey.
Wednesday 25th October @ 7pm - The Rosie Project  by Graeme Simsion  
Wednesday 29th November @ 7pm - Nothing on Earth by  Conor O’Callagha

New members welcome.


Community and Educational Outreach Programme in association with Limerick City and County Council and Dormant Account Fund

Actively Retired Drama Programme
Transition Year Drama Studies Programme
National School Drama Awareness Programme
Side by Side Integration Programme
Contact Friars’ Gate for details.


If you are an Artist and wish to hold an exhibition in the Gallery please send a proposal, C.V. and at least 6 examples of your work (slides or good quality photographs) to Caoimhe Reidy, Friars' Gate Theatre, Sarsfield St., Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

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