September/October/November 2017                                           

Friday 8th September @ 8pm

A wonderful evening of music and song guaranteed featuring Ann Kirrane, daughter of legendary concertina player, Chris Droney. Ann plays concertina in the same style as her father but these days, her voice is her main instrument. She was born to sing. After the hugely successful launch of her second album at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann last year in Ennis, she toured the east coast of America in Oct and returned to play Texas in March.  Joining Ann will be Garry O’Briain, one of the most sought after accompanists, record producer and member of Buttons & Bows and Boys of the Lough and Ronan Greene, 2008 senior fiddle champion. 

Tickets €12                            



‘Ann has a confidence in her singing and a technique that is at once powerful and emotionally expressive’ – IRISH MUSIC MAGAZINE

‘This lady has the most soulful and musical voice’ – Pat Costello, Clare FM

‘An expressive and sincere performance in a beautiful recording’ – Joe Burke

Tickets €12/€10   

Wednesday 13th September @ 8pm

A Quiet Passion

Dir: Terence Davies               UK, Belgium        2016              125 mins         Cert: CLUB

Starring: Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Duncan Duf

Cynthia Nixon stars as the legendary poet Emily Dickinson in this luminous biopic from director Terence Davies (The Deep Blue Sea, Sunset Song).

Emily Dickinson is an ideal subject for a filmmaker as unremittingly erudite as Terence Davies. Now recognized as a genius who committed to paper some of the most important verse in American literature, the 19th-century poet was virtually unknown in her lifetime, with fewer than a dozen of her nearly 1,800 poems published. A recluse who eventually boarded herself up in her bedroom, Dickinson explored her inner self in great detail. As source material, her story is as poetic as her work itself.

Here it is mostly a world of interiors in which Dickinson's family plays a key role. Indeed, as Emily, portrayed here by Cynthia Nixon, led such a deeply introverted existence, it is her encounters with her mother, father, and sister that provide the hinge around which the film is structured. These moments, familiar to all who know the role that families play in Davies' work, are sensitively rendered, but it is the seamless manner in which Dickinson's luminous poetry is integrated into the film that is the central joy of A Quiet Passion 

You will see no more beautiful a film this year — beautiful in its sumptuous photography, but also in the respect and love that it brings to its subject. The internal lives of poets are hard to visualize, yet Davies, a magician when it comes to understanding the inner workings of the most sensitive of minds, has created an extraordinarily moving account of Emily Dickinson's particular genius. (PIERS HANDLING, Toronto International Film Festival, 2016.)
Presented in association with Access Cinema.

Tickets €7
Friday 22nd September @ 8pm

Culture Night - Georgian Clothing, Customs, and Material Culture presented by Melissa Shiels
Costume Historian and Heritage Expert, Melissa Shiels, will present an assortment of items and clothing ranging from 1775 to 1795 - the year of Jane Austen's birth to the time she wrote her first novella.  Learn about a day in the life of an upper class Georgian woman; come see the 'weird and wonderful' cosmetics and beauty regimes that Georgian ladies followed and the rapidly changing fashions they were devoted to. Melissa will demonstrate how some everyday objects were used and how they were a part of a greater shift in society. 
Admission Free

Thursday 21st September @ 8pm
         The Whistling Girl
The acclaimed Irish duo of singer / actress Honor Heffernan and composer/ keyboard player Trevor Knight (Auto Da Fe), present their new Cabaret/Speakeasy-style show, “The Whistling Girl”. The original and unique music composed by Trevor transforms the poems of Dorothy Parker into songs, using her witty, droll and sometimes heart rending lyrics. Audiences can expect a darkly sardonic evening’s entertainment in which the American wit and critic’s words are given a sonic face-lift fusing ‘dirty’-cabaret, electronic-vaudeville, rock and jazz.  With a lineup of highly renowned Irish musicians the atmosphere for a spellbinding evening of music with a theatrical element is brought to life. Garvan Gallagher bass, Tom Jamieson drums, Ed Deane electric guitar, Ciaran Wilde saxophones, Bill Blackmore / Ray Martin horns.

Each of the songs create individual tableaux or dream moments from Parker’s psyche, conjuring up images from her tempestuous life of outrageous celebrity, as founding member of the notorious Algonquin set in New York, and as civil rights activist in America and Spain during the Spanish Civil War.


 “I shall stay the way I am, because I do not give a damn!”

(Dorothy Parker)

Tickets €14/€12  Running Time – Ihr 20 mins

Saturday 30th September @ 8pm
Dubliners Women - An adaptation of James Joyce’s Dubliners
Adapted for stage by Katie O’Kelly

Starring Katie O’Kelly, Madi O’Carroll & Gordon Quigley

Immerse yourself in the hidden worlds of Eveline, Clay and The Boarding House, three short stories by one of the 20th Century's greatest writers, James Joyce. Dubliners' Women shines a light on the female narratives in Joyce's iconic collection of stories, and their resonances with Ireland today.          

"A bell clanged upon her heart. She felt him seize her hand:
All the seas of the world tumbled about her heart. He was drawing her into them: he would drown her"
- Eveline

"Mrs. Mooney dealt with moral problems as a cleaver deals with meat: and in this case she had made up her mind" - The Boarding House

"They led her to the table amid laughing and joking and she put her hand out in the air as she was told to do. She moved her hand about here and there in the air and descended on one of the saucers. She felt a soft wet substance with her fingers and was surprised that nobody spoke or took off her bandage." - Clay


"[This] production of three of Joyce's Dubliners is a credit to the great man..."
"...A delicate, balanced and wistful evening of theatre
"...[Joyce] would have felt his immortal stories well served by this production, lit as well as it is directed and played"


"A delight to watch - ****"
"...Old fashioned storytelling that is touching, funny, and performed with gusto by a marvellous cast"
"An hour of near impeccable theatre"

"A clever, lively and thoroughly enjoyable production..."
"...inventive and deeply engaging"
"'Dubliners Women' exudes a lively sense of playfulness immersed in an exceptional interplay of light and shadow"

 Tickets €14/€12        Running Time 1 hour 

Thursday 5th October @ 8pm
Central Arts & The Devious Theatre Company present Pulled by Niamh Moroney

Pulled is an uncompromising, utterly hilarious new comedy about female sexuality and the social

media generation from one of the most exciting and authentic new voices in Irish theatre.

Meet Amanda and Michelle as they retrace their drink-fuelled steps from the night before through

a trail of Twitter, Facebook and selfies.  Hungover, emotional and gloriously unapologetic, these two man-eating young wans strut their stuff in front of their imagined audience on social media, in a performance that pushes buttons and boundaries.  Running Time – 80 minutes

Pulled is returning to Ireland after an extremely successful run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe where the show was a sell out hit! British Theatre called said the show was “a delight to watch”, while the Edinburgh Culture Review gave the show a glorious four star review dubbing the piece “comedic chaos”.   The Irish press have responded similarly with the Waterford News & Star exclaiming “OMG! Like, WOW! Amaaaaaazzzing” after watching the world premiere at Central Arts, Waterford. The Kilkenny Reporter also chipped in calling Pulled “A sharp commentary on contour-culture, Pulled is brave and funny – totes amazeballs in fact.”

Niamh Moroney has been making theatre in Ireland for 11 years, having turned to writing in the past five years, this is Niamh's first self penned full length production. Niamh is a founding member of South East Irish company Devious Theatre, who are nationally renowned for their In-Yer-Face style of original work by young writers. Now in their 11th year, Devious are celebrating Pulled as their first show to reach outside of Ireland, and the first production to travel on a large scale Irish tour.

Pulled stars Niamh Moroney herself, and Andrea Bolger, a Dublin based actor with guts and gusto. Andrea plays Michelle, the ‘messy friend’. Directed by Ita Morrissey, Kilkenny based Australian punky theatre maker, and teched by the brazen Heather Troy Whelan. This all-female team is in for the win, and wants to entertain you!

Tickets €12                 Friends 2 for 1

Friday 13th October @ 8pm

Antelope Productions and the Delmaine String Quartet present The Waterloo Concert.   Featuring Susannah De Wrixon.

This unique event was first presented in Dangan, Co Meath in June 2015 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the Duke of Wellington’s historic connection with the Irish countryside. It features the Delmaine String Quartet and a cast of actors and singers in a programme of music, song, poetry and prose that reflects many aspects of the great battle and its aftermath.


Works by Shostakovich, Beethoven and Schubert are performed alongside pieces composed by the Duke’s own father, Garret Wesley, who was the first professor of music at Trinity College.


Actors Michael James Ford and Gary Jermyn relive the famous battle and the epic rivalry between Wellington and Bonaparte in a narrative that includes works by Lord Byron, Thomas Hardy, Elizabeth Longford and Rudyard Kipling along with the Iron Duke’s own letters and military dispatches.  The concert also features some of the popular songs of the period, performed by acclaimed chanteuse Susannah De Wrixon, and transports the audience  back to that bloody field in Belgium where the history of Europe was reshaped.

Tickets €15/€12

Wednesday 18th October @ 8pm

The Graduate

Dir: Mike Nicholas        USA      1967   105 mins     Cert: 15

Starring: Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, Katherine Ross, Willem Daniels, Murray Hamilton, Elizabeth Wilson


Director Mike Nichols's THE GRADUATE is the satirical coming-of-age comedy that became an emotional touchstone for an entire generation. In the mid-1960s, Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), a confused college graduate, is pulled in myriad directions by family, friends, and associates just days after receiving his degree. Seduced by Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), an older friend of the family, Ben carries on an affair with the married woman even as he falls for her daughter, Elaine (Katharine Ross). However, Ben and Elaine's attempts at romance are threatened by the spiteful rage of Mrs. Robinson, who proceeds to hastily arrange Elaine's marriage to someone else, leading up to one of the most memorable endings in cinema history. With its striking photography and clever editing, THE GRADUATE established Nichols as a major director. The film also made a star out of young Hoffman, who gives an understated portrayal of the perplexed Ben--the actor's first role in a Hollywood film, which he almost didn't get because he wasn't Waspy enough. Outstanding performances by the rest of the cast are highlighted by Bancroft's sexy, embittered turn as Mrs. Robinson and Ross's endearing presence as the gorgeous yet innocent Elaine. The film's impact on popular culture is immeasurable: "Plastics" will live on eternally as depressing but solid career advice, and older women will never eye younger men without fear of becoming a "Mrs. Robinson." Buck Henry (who appears briefly in the film) co-wrote the influential screenplay, based on the novel by Charles Webb, and the soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel remains a movie classic.  Presented in association with Access Cinema.

Tickets €7

Wednesday 18th October @ 11am & Monday 13th November  @ 11am    

Ger Carey Live

Ger Carey is back with his hilarious stand-up comedy show for transition year students. By secretly observing his subjects in their natural habitat, such as leaning on lampposts, in chippers, outside chippers, in shopping centres and sitting on any kind of steps, Ger has uncovered the weird and frightening world of the teenager! The aim of the show is to get teenagers to laugh at themselves and appreciate the differences of others.
Tickets €10

Friday 20th October @ 8pm

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell.  Adapted and performed by Phelim Drew. 

A man drifting through life, in 1920’s Paris, scraping by in dead end jobs and generally soaking up the rich underbelly of Parisian life, finds himself falling helplessly short and discovering a very different view of life, looking up from below. With a keen understanding of social inequality and a wry sense of humour, he vividly recounts his experiences while down and out. This powerful performance from Phelim Drew brings Orwell’s classic to the stage with humour, empathy and wit.

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell and adapted by Phelim Drew is a show that tells the story of a man, living in Paris, and determined to make a living as a writer. All does not go well however and the adventures, he is forced by his circumstances to recount, are the beginnings of a life in poverty. At times funny and entertaining, from meeting a host of wonderful characters to slaving in hotel and restaurant kitchens and finally to tramp the streets of London it also peppered with the poignant realities of being "At last, genuinely, down and out".

‘Drew dominates the stage’ Emer O’Kelly, - Sunday Independant

‘Captivating performance’ - In Dublin

Tickets €14/€12                   

27th Annual Festival of One Act Drama

Friday 27th, Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October @ 8pm

A feast of drama - three evening of drama with some of the best amateur drama groups in the country.  Three one act plays a night for three nights!  

Friday 27th October @ 8pm
Shannonside Drama Group – The Pushcart Peddlers by Murray Schisgal - Confined
Ennis Players – Semblance of Madness by John H. Newmeir - Open
Palace Player – The Quiet Land by Malachy McKenna - Open
Saturday 28th October @ 8pm
D A D S- What would You Do If You Sang Out Of Tune by John McDwyer - Confined
Wayside Players - The Last of the Mohicans by Hugh Leonard - Confined
New Ross Drama Group - The Tinker’s Wedding – J. M. Synge - Confined
Sunday 29th October @ 8pm
Kilmeen Drama Group -  A Day In The Life Of A Pencil by Raymond Scannell - Open
Take 5 – Tom by Noelle Clarke - Confined

Camross Drama Group - Larry by Henry Hudson – Confined

Adjudicator -  Tony McCleane Fay

Tickets €12                             Season Ticket €25

Friday 3rd November @ 8pm
Promise and Promiscuity

In this hilarious, award winning show Kiwi, Penny Ashton, tackles all of Austen's characters with song, dance and appalling cross-stitching.   Flushed by four years’ success from Edinburgh to Toronto to Auckland, comes New Zealander Penny Ashton’s collaboration with Jane Austen (deceased).

Join Elspeth as she battles literary snobbery, cousin Horatio’s digestions and her mother’s nerves, armed only with a blushing countenance, excellent ukulele skills and being quite bright, you know…. for a girl.  In this hilarious, one (freakishly talented) woman show, Penny tackles all of Austen’s characters with song, dance and appalling cross-stitching. 2017 also marks the 200th anniversary of the brilliant Jane Austen.

In this year, the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, Friars’ Gate is delighted to bring you the 5th great niece of Austen’s very own Limerick born flirtation, Thomas Langlois Lefroy, in her award winning one woman show.
Tickets €15/€12

Friday 10th November @ 8pm


Written & Performed by Irene Kelleher.  Directed by Belinda Wild.


**Bobby Award Nominated show**-Brighton Fringe 2017



Inspired by a true story. Ireland, 1986 and a fifteen year old girl dies giving birth at a grotto. An original and sometimes humorous imagining of a young woman’s search for understanding in a conversation with the statue of the Virgin Mary.

The play is inspired by the true story of Ann Lovett, a 15 year old girl who died giving birth at a grotto in Ireland in 1984. The play follows the life of Hannah, a young woman in the months before she gives birth, the every day happenings in her life; her maths tests, art projects and relationships with boys and family. She shares these events with the statue of Mary and in the company of Mary Magdalene in the local village grotto. The play then is an imagining of a young woman’s search for understanding in conversation with a statue of the virgin Mary. It is an original and unique imagining of the girl at the centre of a tragic event that shocked the nation.

“It’s many writers’ dream to have their first play be as good as this… Kelleher pulls it off perfectly. Not only is she a brilliant performer, whose commanding energy fills the space, but she is also an exceptionally talented writer, having penned a script with an abundance of character that builds a world around Hannah so vividly it could succeed in any space.”- BROADWAY BABY ★★★★★

"Despite the dark subject matter, this superbly crafted piece wasn't maudlin.”  “A moving and important tragedy.” THE ARGUS- BRIGHTON ★★★★★

“A powerful and moving production.”    “A gripping and absorbing one woman show”  THE PUBLIC REVIEWS ★★★★

*Although inspired by a true story, this is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places and events are the product of the playwright's imagination.

Running Time: 70 minutes
Tickets €15/€12
Monday 13th November @ 11am
Ger Carey Live

Ger Carey is back with his hilarious stand-up comedy show for transition year students. By secretly observing his subjects in their natural habitat, such as leaning on lampposts, in chippers, outside chippers, in shopping centres and sitting on any kind of steps, Ger has uncovered the weird and frightening world of the teenager! 

Tickets €10  (Teachers Free)


Join us for a series of rich evenings for the mind and sprit.  Be inspired, uplifted entertained, challenged in the company of

John Lonergan, Robyn Rowland, Helena Close and Diarmuid Lyng.

Wednesday 8th November @ 8pm - How to be Happy and Content with John Lonergan

Wednesday 15th November @ 8pm - Witness: in search of the whole life with Robyn Rowland

Wednesday 22nd November @ 8pm - When there are no words with Helena Close

Wednesday 29th November @ 8pm – Invoking Ireland with Diarmuid Lyng

Tickets €10 per evening

John Lonergan

John entered the prison service in 1968 and in the years that followed, as he saw human nature at its worst - and often, unexpectedly, at its best. He developed a deep understanding both of human nature and of Irish society.
Now, after 42 years in the service, 24 of them as the most senior prison officer in the country, John tells his fascinating life story - from his idyllic childhood in rural Tipperary, to coming face to face with the darkest aspects of Irish life, to grappling with the politics of working in a service that was the plaything of officials and politicians. His description of life in the prison service is not only a gripping account of humanity at its rawest, but is also invaluable for anyone in a management position anywhere. Revealing, surprising and inspiring, The Governorgives a unique insight into modern Ireland.


Dr Robyn Rowland AO
Robyn is an Irish-Australian citizen, visiting Ireland for thirty-four years, where she lives in Connemara. She visits and works in Turkey. She has written twelve books, nine of poetry. Robyn’s poetry appears in national and international journals and in over forty anthologies, including eight editions of The Best Australian Poems. She has read in many countries including, Bosnia, Serbia, Austria, Turkey, India, and Portugal.
Robyn has been featured on the RTE Poetry Show, Ireland, as well as PoeticA and Earshot in Australia. She was recently filmed reading for the National Irish Poetry Reading Archives, James Joyce Library University College Dublin.  Previous to 1996, when Robyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and left academic life, she was Professor and Head of  School, Social Inquiry, and Director of the Australian Women’s Research Centre at Deakin University. In the 1996  Honours List she was made an Officer in the Order of Australia by the Governor General on behalf of the Australian Government for her contribution to women’s health and higher education.

Helena Close

Helena Close is a native of Limerick, and has been writing full time for the past 17 years. She has published seven novels, four of which were co-written. Her short story “Harbour” was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Bridport International Short Story Prize. She holds a Masters (first class honours) in Creative writing from University of Limerick and is currently lecturing in Creative Writing on the undergraduate programme there. She is also working on a new novel, a play and a TV series. She was selected to participate in the Fishamble/ BelltableConnect Playwright Mentoring Programme 2016/2017. She still manages to walk the dogs every day and attend Thomond Park to see her beloved Munster play.


Diarmuid Lyng

Diarmuid Lyng is a former Wexford hurling captain, public speaker, media personality and founder of Facebook Free February. He was the subject of a documentary on RTE called the Geansaí and he appears regularly on TG4 and Radio na Gaelteachta.
He was worked in schools around the country with the Soar Foundation connecting young men and women with their purpose and this September he is rolling out a programme for teenagers encouraging them to explore their experience and understanding of masculinity, both in schools and in sports clubs.  He is behind Wild Irish Retreats, a collective that runs spiritual, cultural and well-being retreats.  Their first retreat will take place in September on the Great Blasket Island in West Kerry.

Book Club
Wednesday 25th October @ 7pm - The Rosie Project  by Graeme Simpson  
Wednesday 29th November @ 7pm - Nothing on Earth by  Conor O’Callaghan
Wednesday 13th December @ 8pm - Reading The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

New members welcome.


Community and Educational Outreach Programme in association with Limerick City and County Council and Dormant Account Fund

Actively Retired Drama Programme
Transition Year Drama Studies Programme
National School Drama Awareness Programme
Side by Side Integration Programme
Contact Friars’ Gate for details.


If you are an Artist and wish to hold an exhibition in the Gallery please send a proposal, C.V. and at least 6 examples of your work (slides or good quality photographs) to Caoimhe Reidy, Friars' Gate Theatre, Sarsfield St., Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

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